The olive oil, a product of Greece and the Mediterranean countries in general, is famous in antiquity for its versatility in cooking and cosmetics. It is considered as an excellent and tasty ingredient (extra virgin olive oil, green olive oil) of any kind of salads like Greek salad, green salad with various vegetables and is usually used in raw form. It can also be used in association with lemon, vinegar, mustard and many other similar sauces. Olive oil is also a basic ingredient when cooking vegetables such as green beans, okra, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, tourlou (mixture of many vegetables cooked in the oven) and many others.

It is also considered as a required component in pasta sauces, such as tomato sauces like napolitan, bolognese, arrabiatta, puttanesca or sauces with olives, anchovies and capers. Vegetables sauces like leek or mushroom sauce are widely used within the Mediterranean diet. Delicate sauces with wine and honey, sweet and sour sauce of olive oil, tomato and lemon sauce with mustard, usually contain olive oil and can easily give extra flavor to meals with meat or fish. Olive oil is also widely used when cooking legumes like beans or chickpeas or lentils either as a soup or cooked in the oven, with fresh tomato sauce. Generally speaking, olive oil is widely used in all Mediterranean cuisines like Greek, Italian, Spanish and Turkish and in most dishes, olive oil helps the ingredients to be integrated and gives food extra flavor, taste, vitamins and nutritiveness.



Usage of olive oil in pharmacy appeared since ancient Greek times and still happens nowadays, mostly in medicine and cosmetics production, being an ingredient of beauty and skin care products.





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